Sep 4, 2014

Zynga Email Gift Updates


About 3 months ago Zynga started offering email gifts to players who signed up. The gifts range from boosts, energy refills, loot, reward points and skill points. The best thing about them is they aren’t use or lose. You can let them pile up and open them all at once. The loot for these gifts has been updated and now include the Gryo Goodbye and the Wolf Snake which are 2 older Limited Edition items. They replace the Shoulder Boulder which was made exclusively for the feature [1]. The color scheme was also changed from orange to blue. For a sample of what I received after opening up 26 gifts look below. If you aren’t getting these emails go here to learn how. Thanks to Lynnie Corbaley for posting on our fan page and to James Pullen for sharing his items.

Of the 26 bags I opened I got 5 loot items. They are valued at 35 reward points (28 for VIP subscribers) but this is only in the eyes of Zynga.
Even better were the skill points and reward points I received. I estimate I got about 5 of each. Even though these are 1 skill point or 1 reward point each, I would prefer them over loot any day and every day.
The Energy Tonic came up a few times and this is useful for players who need energy. If your energy is full these Energy Tonic boosts are added on top of it and the excess energy will remain until you level up. You lose it as soon as you level so it’s best to open your gifts when you aren’t close to leveling up.
The only gift that doesn’t rank in the cool category was the 4 2X Mastery Boosts and that came up at about the same rate.
If you don’t want to roll the dice the best item you could choose over the Mystery Gift is the Kamikaze. With the odds as great as they are I don’t think many will be choosing that one.

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  1. My options are Hired Guns Reflectors and Mystery Gifts so not everyone has the same options


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