Sep 4, 2014

Cookie Consent Popup


Some players have reported getting a popup about cookies when they went to Mafia Wars today. Apparently it flashed by pretty fast and many don’t recall seeing it. For those who missed it a copy is shown below. It’s odd that this popup is elusive and even more odd that the colors chosen make it hard to read. Perhaps Zynga doesn’t want the masses to read about this. The information provided in this popup is nothing new and cookies have been used by gaming companies for many years. Who could forget the iesnare cookie scare of back when most were afraid to use scripts? Guides on how to remove it were all over the community as many believed it was used by Zynga to track script use. This cookie even made the Mafia Wars Wiki [1]! For anyone who believes their Facebook or Zynga information is private, you signed that away on the day you created a Facebook account and the day you downloaded the Mafia Wars App. Maybe because the Privacy Policy was recently updated there was some law requiring Zynga to disseminate the information. If you want more information about what Zynga has to say about cookies use the links below. If you are upset about this the only alternative you have is to shut down your accounts. Thanks to James Callahan and Laszlo Tamassy for posting screen shots on our fan page so those of us who missed it or didn't get one can view it.


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  1. About a year or so ago, a European law came into effect, that anyone using a site with cookies living in the European Union needed to be given a popup letting the person know that the site uses cookies. Some sites make you accept this policy, others just give a little close box, but you get that reminder if you visit the site for the first time and it remains free of the popup after until you clear your cookies in which you will then see the popup again on many sites. I'm not sure why its' taken Zynga so long to let us know this little fact, but that is what the cookies popup is for.


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