Sep 4, 2014

Interest Based Advertising Policies in Mafia Wars


If you scroll to the bottom of your Mafia Wars game you will notice a new link. Zynga uses AdChoices for their advertising and when you click on the link a window for Interest Based Advertising Policies appears. If you scroll through the companies listed you will find many of them are ‘On’ which according to the chart means you have consented. It’s bad enough we were reminded today that Zynga is using cookies to spy on us and now they are letting us know who they are helping to also spy on us.  The cookie consent popup makes a lot more sense and is most likely related to this update [1]. I don't really care to be part of a behavioral study, I just want to play Mafia Wars. I could spend the time to opt out of these campaigns but many don't have the option and if you clear your cookies you automatically get opted back in. For more details on this process go here and here.



  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Currently mine is a null link. Which means it will be active later, when I forget this post :( I'm sure that's part of the experiment.

  2. you cant cut them all off cut 73 still 115 left

  3. Do you think AdBlock would cut down on some of the invasion? I know ads aren't popping up, but seems like something is interfering with stuff since 20 hours ago.
    They play adchoice things during Words with Friends now, which make me play less since it seems to mess things up.


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