Sep 2, 2014

Valkyrie Rebel


Yesterday Zynga showed us the server image of the participation item for this weekends Pub Family Mock War [1].  It’s very nice that they added a description to further honor the memory of Linda Louise Mansell. Hands down this is the most meaningful loot item Zynga has ever created.



  1. The honor would be even better if they spelled Linda's name correctly. 2 "L's" in Mansell, Zynga.
    Thanks again for doing this.

  2. It's an awesome move by Zynga though unfortunately the name is spelled incorrectly. It should be "Linda Louise Mansell" with two L's in the last name

  3. Yes, easy fix.. its just in the item description field. Should be a quick fix once they are alerted
    Go luck Pubbers :P

  4. I registered for the mock war a few days ago but got no reply so far?

    1. The registration form had all the details you need, as did MWLL blog post about the Mock. This is the group page for the event where all the fun will happen -

    2. Thanks but I remember in the previous mock war getting a friend request from the manager and she added me to the group but got nothing this time?


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