Sep 2, 2014

Challenge Mission 16 Coming Soon


Loot items for what appear to be for the 16th Challenge Mission have been added to the inventory. It will be interesting to where the location is as Zynga has used all of the locations in the game except for New York, Cuba, South Africa and Mexico. I didn't find any new server images. Maybe Zynga is going to take our advice and choose a destination that hasn't been or isn't already in the game. The more frequently this event is repeated the more annoying it becomes. We are already begging for Limited Time Property parts so I don’t think many are excited about having to gather something else. The consumable item is the Firey Flicker and the reward items are shown below.



  1. challenge mission 16 is .....drum roll......Italy - ♪ bwa-bwa-bwa ♪

  2. Its spelled FIERY , not Firey....


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