Sep 2, 2014

Urban Assault Coming Soon


The next ‘exciting’ event to hit Mafia Wars is called Urban Assault. The image below was posted on the Mafia Wars fan page [1]. Along with the image comes the news that we should be prepared to choose our own path. It hard to say what this could be but it will most likely involve stamina. The featured Non-Player Character on the image is Kasumi Leonovich who first appeared in the Oriental Retribution Limited Time Mission but more importantly is one of those useless Mini Bosses  [1]. After 2 years of sitting on our fightlists taking up valuable space maybe the Mini Bosses will serve some sort of purpose!



  1. another Russian/Diablos thing?

  2. I remember you censoring your stats, what happened?

    1. The only reason I ever did was because when I didn't people would comment and tell me to cover them up. It's not like my account is anything that strong so now I don't bother but it has the opposite effect. When I don't cover them up someone comments about it :)

    2. I see, thanks.

  3. Recycling by ZYNGA
    Maybe next Event just for Kami Users ?


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