Sep 19, 2014

The MWD ‘Forgotten’ Mock War


UPDATE: Zynga will now be sponsoring this event and all participants will receive a loot item. Don't forget to register!

Earlier today Zynga posted a list of 4 upcoming Mock Wars [1]. Missing from this list is the Mafia War Dogs Family 6th Anniversary Dogs vs Cats Mock War. It’s schedule for Friday October 3rd until Sunday October 5th. As you can see from the calendar below it doesn’t interfere with the other Mock Wars so there isn’t a reason that Zynga shouldn’t be able to sponsor it. A family that has lasted 6 years in Mafia Wars is quite a feat and it would mean a lot to them to have a loot item honoring the occasion and their accomplishment. The Godfather, Mike Stack, filled out the form and submitted it to Zynga but has yet to hear back from them. With or without Zynga sponsorship the show will go on and the links below can be used to register. Registration is closes on September 26th to give time for team assignments. Register as a solo player or with a group. Thanks to Linda Myers Ferranti for the information. 



  1. [MIG] isn't listed either (sadface)

  2. Guess I should read the September schedule (happyface)

  3. My harem family got no response either


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