Sep 19, 2014

Family Business Brackets Unknown


Every time there is a Family Business Mission we try to gather enough data to post a breakdown of how many members are needed for each task/reward bracket. The numbers never add up and the exercise usually goes to waste.  At this point all we know for sure is that 101 members will yield the highest number of tasks and the maximum rewards. Participants in the GF/GM Group asked Zynga for this information and we finally got an answer. The answer however is a non-answer but it should save many from trying to figure this out in the future. The bottom line is that it can’t be figured out because it’s not defined as there are other variables in addition to size.



  1. Logic not deterministic? Is that another way of saying that the logic is not determinable ie their is a complete lack of common sense? LOL

  2. Zynga at their best!!! The past couple of Ops we had came AFTER the Family Business so I find it odd they switched it around this time. That said, they continue to keep us above and beyond busy and then dump more stuff on us and let's not forget the never ending glitches! They have made these tasks, for the most part, almost ridiculous for many to complete IMO

  3. I think that's their way of saying we tried to figure a formula but its beyond us to make it work fairly

  4. Events like this also make familys kick non regular players to the kerb (out of the family) in an effort to reduce to a size where the targets may be is that good for the long term survival of the game?


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