Sep 19, 2014

Mock War Schedule


Zynga has announced the next 4 Mock Wars on their blog. They even provided links to the war pages so players will know where to participate. This was something they forgot to do for the previous 4. The original post can be found by using the link below. Bookmark it to stay updated with all the Mock Wars. They say in the post that they will update the list once when more Mock Wars are added but Zynga isn’t the best at updating. The calendar here shows all of the scheduled Mock Wars and not just the ones Zynga chose to sponsor. The MWD Family will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary but Zynga hasn’t responded to their request for sponsorship [1]. There aren’t too many families that have been around for 6 years so hopefully Zynga will find it in their hearts to sponsor that Mock War as well.


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