Sep 20, 2014

Missing Collectable Stat Card Banner


UPDATE: The Collectable Stat Card banner for Set 35 returned after the reset time. This must have been an oversight.

The Collectable Stat Card banner has been a permanent fixture on the home page ever since the feature was released almost 3 years ago [1]. At some point yesterday the banner was removed but rest easy you can still purchase them from the Collectable Stat Card page and the Marketplace (we don’t recommend it because they are a bad deal). It’s fun to look back at the first banner and laugh at the stats of that must have mastery item! If you are worried that this feature is going away, don’t be. There are server images for the next cards and banner. The only good thing about this feature is the Stat Card Stakes component. It seems a little too soon for a refresh so it’s possible the removal of the Set 35 banner was an oversight or they are going to make updates to the feature. If Zynga wants to sell more of these then they would make all cards from all 35 sets giftable (minus the skill points). This would stimulate the trading community and most likely the metrics.

Set 36
Set 1
Set 35 (Missing Banner)

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