Sep 27, 2014

Mexico District 10: Mexico City


Mexico City is District 10 of Mexico. It unlocks once you master the bronze level of District 9. This one is more challenging than the other districts in Mexico. There isn’t one job that doesn’t require currency and/or a consumable and there are 3 stamina jobs. The last job requires 2 consumables and currency per click and the mastery percentages are low.

There are 10 jobs but only 5 job images. We have yet another story about somebody getting pissed off and seeking revenge over the fact that they were double crossed. If Zynga put a little more thought into these stories maybe they wouldn’t be totally ignored by most players. They could save time and resources by just having job buttons without all the fluff.
d10job1d10job2d10job3d10job4d10job5The payouts and requirements are shown below. You earn +1 skill points for mastering bronze and silver level jobs, +2 for gold and +3 for ruby level jobs.

The consumables of District 10 are the Prod Along and the Balls Of Fire. They can be farmed in jobs 2 and 6 respectively . The Prod Along is required for jobs 2, 4 and 8 and the Balls Of Fire for jobs 7 and 10. The 10th job requires 2 Balls Of Fire per click.
The last job requires 2 Balls Of Fire per click. This job only offers 4% mastery and requires 114 Pesos a pop. If you are going to ask for help on a job this one would be it. The only good thing to say about this job is the ratio is 2.445. With so many resources required it should be even higher!
Here are the requirements and payouts for the District. Jobs requiring stamina instead of energy are in red. Only the currency requirements and ratios for the ruby level are shown. The jobs that produce consumables are indicated by a check-mark. The total number needed to master the district are in the bottom row. Using Crew Bonuses, 2X Mastery Boosts, Job Help requests and Diablo Mode strategically will drastically lower the number. Currency payouts for jobs is not shown because it’s based on class and all accounts will not be the same. As mentioned above there are only 2 jobs that don't require currency or a consumable and those are highlighted.

Job Mastery
Prod Along [0/0] Balls Of Fire [0/0]
1 4% 2.320 -36
2 6% 2.346 -- 68
3 6% 2.168 -16
4 5% 2.362 -- 80
5 6% 2.232 -20
6 4% 2.323 -54
7 5% 2.394 -- 68
8 4% 2.277 -- 100
9 6% 2.324 -78
10 4% 2.445 -114 200 

Jobs also require equipment items which can be purchased from the popup on the job page, the Mexico City Store or the inventory window. Item costs are not the same for all accounts because it depends on the status of the Abelha Helicopter which is the Brazil District 4 mastery item and grants up to a 10% discount on City Store items from any destination. The Veloci-dad is the Mexico District 5 mastery item and grants up to a 12% discount on Mexico City Store items only. Both items apply discounts to the original cost only and are not stacked. equipment1 d5mastery4
The required number of items is the same for all accounts and only the costs vary. You can sell items used in previous districts if you are low on currency. Selling items grants 50% of the original value. The account used for the images below has both a ruby level Abelha Helicopter and Veloci-dad.
Mastering the 3rd job on the bronze level will unlock the Toros Anfiteatro which is the 5th and final property of Mexico. More details on this property will follow in a separate post.
There are 5 loot items which job randomly while doing jobs. The stats are excellent for now but by the time you could max on them they will most likely be obsolete. The drop rate is very low and the energy, stamina, consumables or currency will take to acquire a significant number will be high.
The boss of District 10 isBianca Blastino. These boss fights are just like the other 9 in Mexico. Players will always ask about combos and the details on how to figure them out are in the links below. The rewards are also the same and include a variety of consumables, boosts, property parts, currency and skill points.

The collection for District 10 is the Keys To The City Collection. Items drop randomly while doing jobs or they can be accepted as gifts. You get +35 defense points for vaulting it.
d10collectionThere are 6 achievements associated with District 10. The 4 Boom Town achievements tie into District 9. When you master both districts on each level you get an achievement and +2 skill points.
ach17 ach6ach7ach8ach9ach10
The Choque-a-Block achievement is granted when you ruby master District 10 and you also get +2 skill points.
Once you defeat Bianca Blastino 15 times you will earn the Full Blast-ino achievement, the loot item and loot item +2 skill points.
biancablastino ach16
The mastery item for District 10 is the is the Azteca Horse. There are 4 levels of mastery but you only get to keep the item with the highest stats. The special ability of this item is a 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% more Pesos from jobs that don’t require them. This special ability applies to job in all districts of Mexico. Upon mastery of each level you also get 1 Vault Door. Districts 1-5 supply enough Vault Doors to fully upgrade the bank. Any achieved after 20 are just extras and will waste away in your inventory.
d10bronzemastery m1 d10silvermastery m2 d10goldmastery m3 d10rubymastery m4
Currency payouts depend on class so not all accounts will be the same. The special ability applies to all jobs in Mexico and comparing the before and after images you can see that it works. To maximize your payouts of Pesos you should change your class to Mogul. The Maniac and Fearless classes are outdated and no longer offer anything useful. This is assuming you were a Maniac or Fearless in the past and at least 1 person promoted you to their Top Mafia as you will still get the Top Mafia bonuses from that class while doing jobs [1].

Currency Payouts Before
Currency Payouts After
The District 10 spam images that you will see in the news feeds are shown below.


  1. of minor note: the Fearless class offers no energy on jobs. That has been a huge help. And it happens randomly but regularly. :)

    1. Hi, it does if you were a fearless in the past. I should clarify that in the post and will update. Thanks so much :)

    2. good point :)
      I didn't realize it changed and didn't think about top mafia. Forgot the beginnings. Thanks.

  2. Why can't they be nice and have a district with no consumables or jobs requiring currency

    1. Yea, it sucks that you get a lotsa cash to buy teh items for just one job, farm items with crappy drop rate and currency goes away with it, and all them damned jobs that require currency and consumables, and you constantly visit other district to get sum more cash.

  3. Woah the drop ratio is bad. 1st job, 20 clicks, 60% Mastered, got as much as 3 times the item the job offers.

  4. In the consumables chart is an error, for job 10 you need 100 Balls of Fire, not 200 as stated.

    1. Sadly that is not an error. Each click of that job needs 2 consumables per click. It's explained in the post.

    2. uhh, sorry, I didn't get that :(


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