Sep 28, 2014

Challenge Mission: Chicago version 2.0


Challenge Mission: Chicago (Version 2) is the 17th Challenge Mission. If the old Mafia Wars Team was able to call a Challenge Mission 50,000 Feet then why can’t this one think of something different and stop boring us to death [1]? I’d rather see one called Challenge Mission: Your Couch than a repeat. Challenge Mission: Chicago version 1.0 was only a few months ago [1].  If you need more details on how this event works, go here. The specifics for Chapter 1 are shown below. I love how they state ‘You’re ready to take over Chicago!’ our reply would be ‘We already did that so please let us work on Mexico!’.
Version 1
The help mark provides the in game instructions and a tracker.
If you don’t like the tracker in the game, use the Event Meter by Team Spockholm.
At this time only Chapter 1 is unlocked and the next Chapters unlock on day 3 and day 6. In theory, Challenge Missions are pretty simple as all you need to do are jobs but the jobs require consumables. What can make them difficult is the fact that energy and consumable requirements increase as the job heat meter goes up. Collecting the maximum possible number of free consumables per day and showing some restraint by staying on the Green and Yellow Job Heat Meters is the trick to completing this event without the need of reward points.
The consumable item required for all jobs of the Challenge Mission is the Dark Fortune. There are several different ways in which we can collect them and they are listed in the instructions. The ‘Daily Collect’ will increase as new Chapters unlock. For Chapter 1 you can get up 110  per day and an additional 15 if 3 of your mafia members join your Challenge Mission Crew. This number will increase when Chapters 2 and 3 unlock but so do the number of consumables needed for the jobs. Use the links below for more details on how to get the maximum number of consumables with the minimum amount of effort.

cm2There are 4 jobs in each chapter and the Job Heat Meter does not affect mastery or experience payouts it only affects energy and consumable requirements. Because energy requirements go up but the experience payout remains the same, the experience/energy ratio will decrease as the Job Heat Meter increases. The energy requirements are on a gradient based on your account and will not be the same as the ones shown here but the ratios and consumable requirements will be the same.
greenmetergreenjobsyellowmeteryellowjobs redmeterredjobs
The chart below sums up where and how to get consumables. It’s possible to get 1,110 for the entire event. Consumables do not drop in Mexico because the Boss Fight ammo item interferes.

Activity Per Day Per Event
Jobs 25 225
Fights 20 180
Robbing 20 180
Arena 20 180
Daily Collect 20/25/30 225
Feeds 5 45
Crew Members* 15/25/35 75
*Resets when you master the Chapter.

For those who aren’t patient, you can purchase Dark Fortunes for 1 reward point each but you need to purchase at least 2 at a time.
cm13When you master each job, you get +1 Skill Point and the next job unlocks. The mastery item for Chapter 1 is a Streetblade and you will receive it once the 4th job in the Chapter is mastered. It’s a good idea to share your accomplishment because the feeds are limited. You can earn up to 5 consumables per day by clicking on these requests but it’s not that easy to find a live one.
cm12cm14 cm3The loot item rewards for Chapters 2 and 3 are shown below.


  1. I guess it makes it a lot easier for the Zynganoids to throw out an endless stream of events (ontop of each other) if they just copy/paste old events for recycling... less effort for them and more annoying for us... I wish they would stop throwing out 3-5 events at a time... but I guess that's their best shot at tricking people into spending money on RPs... now we just need Urban Assault 2 and another pointless Ice Season to be released tomorrow and perhaps another spamming event like Crafter's Choice to top everything off :P No need for us to get lazy :P

  2. I think you caught out MW at the point of these things. They are tossing semi-reruns at us so we can't finish Mexico too fast. The new location-to-be is nowhere's near ready yet, and the team needs more development time. BTW, to rerun myself, I hope Indonesia is the next one.

  3. Played this one like crazy - could not get 3rd item. Anyone else?


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