Sep 27, 2014

The Lucha-rena


The fourth property of the Mexican Domain is the Lucha-rena. This property unlocks once you master the 3rd job in District 7 and it pays out stamina. Other than the name and images it's a replica of the South Africa Wildlife Agentskap [1]. This property should have been released with District 7 at the end of August but for reasons unknown there was a delay [1]. This has caused some confusion because players are looking for a property in District 9 and there isn’t one. The details on upgrading, collecting from and robbing the Lucha-rena are shown below.

l5 l6
The Lucha-rena unlocks once you master the 3rd job, “Force Police Involvement By Faking a Tip’ in District 7, Mazatlan. You don’t need to master jobs 1 and 2 first.
property5 l19property6
The Lucha-rena starts at Level 0 and once you build it to Level 1 you learn that it offers a percentage of your stamina pool and you can collect from it every 8 hours. A fully upgraded property will payout 10% of your stamina pool every 8 hours.
The Lucha-rena has 10 levels of mastery (1-10) and 6 stages of development (0-1). Stages 1-5 each represent 2 levels of mastery and 1 star. Stage 0 is before the property is built.
There aren’t many options to get parts. You can ask your mafia for up to 5 every 18 hours. If you property is eligible for an upgrade or fully upgraded there is no option in the game to ask but the Link-a-Nator will bypass this and you can continue to ask for parts [1]. The Mexico property part queue is shared by all properties so if you ask for parts from one property you can use them to upgrade another.
Adobe Bricks, Mexican Kingwood and Mosaic Tiles can be acquired from the Daily Take. Adobe Bricks and on rare occasion Iron Frames can be acquired from the Mexico Boss Fights. 
l13l12Once you build to Level 1, a total of 360 parts are required to get to Level 10.  You can ask for 5 parts every 18 hours so takes a while to get there.

1 1 1 1 1 01%
2 3 3 3 3 12%
3 5 5 5 5 23%
4 7 7 7 7 34%
5 9 9 9 9 45%
6 1111 11 11 56%
7 13 13 13 13 67%
8 15 15 15 15 78%
9 17 17 17 17 89%
10 -- -- -- -- --10%
Total 81 81 81 81 36360

Collect from this property individually from the Mexico map or the home page. If you collect from the Mexico Property page then all eligible properties will be collected at the same time.
The Mexico Task Master Crew Bonus will double the take on your property collection so if that’s activated you can get 20% of your total stamina pool once your Lucha-rena is fully upgraded. You can only use this bonus on 1 property every 8 hours unless you collect them all together on the property page.
The mastery item for District 4 will increases the payout of all Mexico Properties but it’s not as cool as it sounds. A ruby level Mexican Grey Wolf will increase the original payout by 15%. The original payout is 10% so you will get 15% of 10% of your stamina pool. If a player has a stamina pool of 10,000, the payout would be 1,000. The additional stamina provided by the Mexican Grey Wolf would only be 150 stamina points. Having the Task Master activated will increase that to 300.
The addition of the Lucha-rena brings the total number of properties which pay out stamina bonuses to 4. A fully upgraded Brazil Barracks pays out 20% of your stamina pool every 8 hours, a fully upgraded London Royal Bank pays a flat rate of 1,000 stamina every 8 hours and the South Africa Wildlife Agentskap pays out 10% of your stamina pool every 8 hours. The Taskmaster Crew Bonus in each destination will double the take.
cp1cp2cp3cp4The Lucha-rena also adds more variety to the Mexico Robbing Board bringing the total number of properties on the Mexico Robbing Boards to 3.
l17Each Lucha-rena requires 50 stamina to rob and pays out 100 experience which gives it a ratio of 2.0. Like the other 2 properties you don’t get anything but experience and loot for robbing.

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