Sep 23, 2014

Limited Time Property 50 Coming Soon: Laundromat


The 50th Limited Time Property is the Laundromat and it looks like Zynga has something special planned. From the banner image it states that there is a ‘Limited Time Bonus Level’. That doesn’t sound exciting at all as 15 Levels are plenty. There is a mastery loot item as before and an additional item which will probably be available for crafting for a limited time. The unique upgrade item is different in that the location is Marketplace rather than Property. I’m not sure if that’s a mistake or a warning that reward points will need to be spend in order to get to the bonus level. All of the loot items associated with this property are shown below.

Unique Building Part
Mastery Item
Bonus Level Item
Level 1-3
Level 4-6
Level 7-10
Level 11-15

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