Sep 23, 2014

Terrorist Crates Coming Soon?


The loot items for the next Crates have been added to the inventory. With the current War against terrorism a hot topic in the news that’s what the theme of these items reminds me of. Lets just hope that members of ISIS don’t feel glorified by these items. I hate to even mention something so horrible on this blog but the item called the Execution Warden is in poor taste considering the very public and recent execution of 250 Syrian soldiers in the desert  [1].  I’m a little disgusted with this theme. I know it's just a game but it seems a little insensitive to our current day situation. The 8 items are shown below.



  1. I'm a little confused? What disgusts you exactly? Is it the boots? The snake? The vulture? The rifle? The quad bike? What? If this disgusts you, a LOT of other items should disgust you as well... how about the Kamikaze just to mention one,.. it has a picture of a nuclear explosion in it... and IS called KAMIKAZE... think about that for a second... nuclear explosion...and lamikaze... ring any bells?

    If we bring politics into the game, we might as well drop ALL items and start adding Flowers and Trees as things to "not fight with - as fighting has a bad ring to it and could inspire some to fight for real" but to throw flowers and trees at each other... then it would be like... your CREW (not mafia as it could disgust some) threw 501 sun flowers and 501 Oak Trees at your opponent's CREW... I think you're over-thinking this WAY too much... and I don't see how any of these items could disgust you... the Desert Bandit? He doesn't even look like any member of ISIS I have seen...he looks more like a pirate with that pirate-like sword... and yes,he is wearing a scarf on his head to protect his head from the heat... it's pretty normalin deseert I think...

    ... and calling them Terrorist Crates is also going overboard... by the looks of the items, I would think they would be called Desert Crates... I see no signs of terrorism in the items displayed... and I'm a little shocked that you would even bring this up in here, to be honest... but that's just me...other'smay share your opinion and that'sokay... I just think it's going over-board and seeing things that aren't really there... it's just a game... and these are just items like the 1000s and 1000s of other items we already have :)

  2. You must not watch the news very much. If you saw any footage from the execution of those Syrian soldiers you wouldn't be so confused.

    1. Oh trust me, I do... and I am every bit as much against it as you are... but I just don't see any similarities with the attrocities going on in the Middle-East and this loot item... yes, it's called Executioner Warden... but it's a rifle... it's used to execute people with assissination style... if we start doing this... where does it end? Zynga can't call a loot item Executioner Warden without it being linked to ISIS?? That's what I meant... I don't see anything linking this to ISIS... if this offends you... something else might offend another... and a third thing might offend a third person and so on... where does it end? I'm just saying this is a game... it has NO ties to ISIS regardless of what a loot item is called... but maybe Zynga should ask the community which items offend them and change the names... and in the future, ask the community what names would be okay to use so that noone gets offended...

      ... I like following your blog... I rarely comment in here... but this was just a bit too much... keep politics outside the game and just enjoy the game for what it is... a game... I'm sure I could find at least 10 items in the inventory I coulc link to an event around the world... but I am also clever enough to know it's a game... and that Zynga isn't secretly promoting terrorism and ISIS by releasing a sniper rifle called Executioner Warden... but I respect your opinion... I just don't feel this is the place to vent it... sorry

    2. It's not so much the similarities in appearance to ISIS, it's the act that was performed and the victims. I get what you are saying but it's just fresh in my memory as the horrific videos disturbed me (I didn't even watch the ones on line, just the ones on the news) and this theme reminded me of it. It's fresh on our minds, countries are going to war and it's just bad timing. Maybe that is why I reacted the way I did.

    3. I saw the videoes too... so I know what you mean... I truly do. And I can understand your reaction... it's only natural, especially as you say...the images from the video are fresh in mind... but I just think that, even though it can be hard, bringing the war against terror and ISIS in here, is a bad thing... they don't deserve the attention and I'm sure Zynga meant nothing evil about it... I wouldn't want MW to become a victim of the war in real life... this is just a game... like any other video game out there... but I feel you... I am sure most people in the world do :)


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