Sep 23, 2014

Return of the Urban Assault Missions: Zynga Style


Hopefully nobody got too excited by the title of this post. Many players really wanted an extension for the Urban Assault Missions and would love to see them return but this isn’t exactly what they had in mind. There seems to be a glitch and the Urban Assault Missions are popping up randomly but in a much different manner than before. The best part is the payouts! Thanks to Peter Mint, Vesna Marjanovic, Haytham Mwar and Jo Gilliam for the images.


1 comment:

  1. I think there actually was a 2 day extension or something while the event was going on.
    I needed to build 5 animals when there was 6 days left and when i had built 5 animals, there was still 2 days + some hours left and i did NOT use any rp to build more then 1 animal each day.


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