Sep 6, 2014

Equipment Score Contribution Per Loot Item


We often complain about the pace of loot refreshes and how it has totally devalued loot. Here is a good example of how meaningless any 1 item of loot really is. My current equipment scores are 687,799 attack and 674,066 defense. My best item is the Harbinger of Retribution and currently has stats of 578/578. It is only +335/+326 points better than what I’m already using. If I didn’t own this item my equipment scores would be 687,464 and 673,740 and I don’t think I would notice a difference. Even though this item increases stats by +1/+1 every week, it’s not fast enough to be of any value. Loot that really affects equipment scores are those that can be obtained in bulk. I doubt there are many players out there who will spend over 17,000 reward points to get the best loot in one of the 10 categories. If Zynga wants to sell more loot to the masses they need to either slow down loot refreshes, change the combat equation so loot means more or decrease the price.



  1. new Battle Loot would be nice though

  2. I think you might be missing the point though. It doesn't matter what the loot is or how we get it no one should give a flying cr*p about it any more as Zynga replace it with something better so fast now we don't have it for long enough to make it worth all the affert that went into getting it in the first place.

  3. as a game player, you want to play and get to the top, or finish quickly.
    as a game developer, you want to slow down the player, but not too slow that it will be boring.

    to satisfy both, They release new loot regularly, but limit how many you get.


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