Sep 5, 2014

Battle Mexicana Part III


District 7 and District 8 bring us 2 new battles for Battle Mexicana which is the Mexico Boss Fight feature.  Use the links below for more details and strategy on these fights. This post is only for documentation purposes. The only change I noticed is that those annoying and game interrupting boss fight messages have been removed. Zynga must have realized that stopping the game to notify us a boss was active wasn’t necessary since there were 4 other spots on the same page indicating the same thing. These were so bad and useless that Team Spockholm added a feature to the toolbar to remove them [1]. The new bosses are 2 new battles are called Ringside Riot and Ancient Feuds and the bosses are Santos Vicario and Maia Tesoro.  Beat each boss 15 times to ‘recruit’ them meaning you get a loot item, achievement and +2 skill points.

bossfights boss71 boss81
District 7: Ringside Riot
District 8: Ancient Feuds
Once you defeat Santos Vicario and Maia Tesoro 15 times you get an achievement that comes with a loot item and +2 skill points.
boss74 boss75 boss84 d85 bossfights2bossfights3

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