Sep 6, 2014

Rewards Card Timer Issue Persists


Whenever there is a Rewards Card promotion, a timer for it is located on the Reward Point purchase page. If there is a temporary discount offer at the same time the location of the timer causes a lot of confusion. If would appear that the discount offer is going to be available for the duration of the timer but in reality the offer normally lasts for about an hour. You can imagine why players would be upset when they go to make a purchase and find there aren’t any discounts available. We’ve posted about this issue in the past but for whatever reason Zynga must not think misleading their paying customers is a big deal [1]. Thanks to Trevor for reminding us about this.

As you can see, players who return at a later time to make a purchase find that the discount is gone but the timer remains. The timer is on the home page doesn’t really need to be on the Reward Point purchase page as it does more harm than good.
Over a year ago this caused an outrage because some players were offered 60% and 70% discounts and thought they had several days to make their purchase [1].

1 comment:

  1. Also yuou have to purchase 215 RPs to get this offer, but it does not say anything on the banner.


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