Aug 7, 2014

Zynga 2014 Second Quarter Financial Results


Zynga announced their 2014 second quarter financial results. I’m not a financial analysts and won’t pretend to be with the good old copy/paste/paraphrase of what experts have to say. Every quarter it goes down and we can’t tell how Mafia Wars is doing because it’s in the ‘Other Online Games’ category. This quarter FarmVille shifted into this category so now it’s even harder to guesstimate. Poker and FarmVille 2 are the only 2 games which generate more than 10% of Zynga’s revenue. The original slide presentation can be found here.  Just in time for football season Zynga also announced on their blog that they are entering the Sports arena of mobile gaming and now have a partnership with the NFL [1]. So many love to point out the fact that Zynga is losing money but forget the significance of the statistics they are working with. Generating 153 million dollars in 3 months is still pretty big business and hopefully is enough to keep our game going.



  1. Zynga seems to have lost big Chunk in advertising over a period .. I think this represents sentiment of advertisers towards Zynga's capability..

  2. yep Z is loosing $$$$ is any hobby type business actually growing atm with the economy on a down-slide. i am no financial guru but well all cut fun/social items from budget when short on cash thats just the way it is.
    Thanx for doing the blogs posts (Y)

  3. Might not be a bad idea to also partner w/ hockey on NHL Showdown or baseball on MLB Showdown similar to NFL Football. Please consider those idea on future mobile gaming. Would also love to see a sports game in general manager version similar to NBA General Manager, Top Eleven (soccer), etc. by Zynga where we don't have to wait on others to take turns but play even when some are offline.

  4. I am curious as to how many actual players we have in MW, not counting minis (which we all have). Any ideas? Also, what percentage of players are VIP?

  5. I have put in my white flag, tossed down the towel, through up my gloves and said "ok please I give, stop beating me". You know, if you had a "coach" for the hockey team that came to work drunk, lipped off to the kids, and then generally beat them well there'd be a mob of furry to get rid of him/her. Now, if you had a baseball team and needed a coach would you hire the previously described coach? Having had 2 zynga game experiences already which brought me poor customer service, volatile and offensive email replies from customer service when I have got it and reams of issues of poor programming and general game failures I now look before I APP and I will not APP zynga again. They are the drunken offensive team beating coach and I simply want nothing to do with them again.


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