Aug 7, 2014

Dirty Laundry Secret District Walkthrough


The Dirty Laundry Secret District is based in Chicago. The nice thing that Zynga has done is they removed the Bandits. I didn’t encounter any while working on this walkthrough!  The ratios aren’t that great but for those who love loot there is a surprise. There is also a small update for the loot collection bonuses. Instead of getting +5 skill points for acquiring 50 of each item we now get +10. Dirty Laundry will be around for during 15 days. For those who can’t get enough you can repeat it up to 3 times for 50 reward points per reset during the 1st 12 days. The details for this Secret District are shown below.

The ratios for each job in each district as well as the consumables and currency requirements are shown below. The best ratio from a job not requiring consumables or currency is 2.193.

Job Mastery
Hic-Hic [0/0]
1 8% -- 1.925 1.991 2.052 2.052
2 5% -35 1.937 1.999 2.063 2.063
3 7% -30 2.002 2.070 2.134 2.134
4 6% -- 2.004 2.070 2.135 2.134
5 5% -34 2.004 2.068 2.134 2.134
6 9% -- 2.190 2.263 2.335 2.334
7 8% -- 2.058 2.125 2.193 2.193
8 5% -- 2.002 2.068 2.134 2.134
9 4% -- 2.251 2.327 2.400 2.400

Emerald VIP subscribers will earn an additional 1% mastery per job click. If 2X Mastery Boosts are used, they will get an additional 2%. 
The consumable item is the Hic-Hic. This item can be farmed by doing the 2nd job or it can be gifted via the Free Gift system. These items are required in jobs #6 and #9 and can also be used as boss fight ammo.  Without any bonuses or boosts you need 148 to fully master the district jobs.
The 4 items that drop from jobs are shown below. The drop rate isn’t as bad as it has been in previous Secret Districts and the rare item has stats of 285/235 which most likely helps all but a handful of players.
sdjob1sdjob2sdjob3sdjob4Acquiring 10, 25 and 50 of the first 3 items shown above will earn you +5 attack, +5 defense and +10 skill points. In previous Secret District we only got +5 skill points so this is an improvement. The 4th and rate item isn’t shown on the tracker because it doesn’t count. I was able to get 50 of each item from just mastering the district without farming anything. What a pleasant surprise!

trackerThe Boss is Launa Washington and you can use stamina or ammo to defeat her. Her health levels are 3,500, 7,000, 15,000 and 30,000. which In our preview post the server image for this page had some differences but they are not included and the boss fight is the same as it has been since Carlo The Coach 27 Secret Districts ago [1].
Server Image
If you are going to use ammo the 3 combos are listed below.
You can click a lot or you can use the Boss Fighter II by Team Spockholm. I chose the later. Just like with clicking you can use stamina, ammo or ammo combos. If you use stamina it will start out requiring 5 stamina per hit and go up by r+5 more per click. It will reset back to 5 after 8 hours. Ammo items used in combos do a lot more damage.
The reward item for defeating Launa Washington is a Pegging Out.
Defeat the Boss and master all jobs to earn the mastery item which is a Laundry Attendant.
There are 3 different types of popups. If you master the jobs first and the boss fight second you will get 1 popup with both items. If you master the boss fight first and the jobs second you will get an individual popup for each occurrence.
bronzemastery silvermasterygoldmastery rubymastery
You can reset the Secret District 3 times after you master it for the first 12 days. It can be mastered a total of 4 times. Each reset costs 50 reward points and players can earn +36 and the Boss Fight and District mastery items. It’s not a very good deal. If you choose not to repeat make sure you activate the Reward Point Protection feature of the Spockholm Toolbar. The reset purchase button is dangerously close to the tracker and every time there is a Secret District you will see players complaining that Zynga stole 50 reward points when they tried to ask for 2X Loot Boosts.


  1. First off tyvm for all u do. Why is reset not a good deal? 36 sp and 2 decent loot items seems decent enough. Just wanted to hear your thoughts

    1. Thank you :) You can get 36 skills for 36 reward points during a 2X property build and personally I think spending money on loot is a waste as loot doesn't count for much in the combat equation. Skill points last forever and count more. If you spend reward points on loot than 2 loot items for 14 reward points will be a good deal to you. I'd rather spend 50 reward points on 50 skill points. The pay to play Secret Districts are a great deal because you get 36 skill points for 27 reward points. This is just my opinion and the true value of the deal would depend on your philosophy about spending on loot.


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