Aug 8, 2014

Launderide Drop Rates


As mentioned in the walkthrough the Dirty Laundry Secret District came with a few surprises [1]. In addition to the elimination of those pesky Bandits also came an increase in the skill point bonuses and a good piece of loot called the Launderide. If you recall the past few Secret Districts have had horrible drop rates and acquiring enough items to get the bonuses wasn’t something fun to do [1]. The Dirty Laundry Secret District is different and the drop rates are much better. It still surprises me to see the little red truck flash a decent boost in my equipment score whenever it drops. Like many Secret Districts in the past it will be fun to try to max on this item. Since the goal is more realistic now, it’s time to review the drop rates on the bronze and ruby levels. As you can see from the images below the drop rate is based on the number of jobs you do and not the energy you spend or the level you are on. With that being said you will get many more of these items on the bronze level but it could mess up your leveling. The best bronze job not requiring a consumable is 2.058 but on the ruby level it’s 2.193.

The images below also demonstrate that Zynga still hasn’t done anything to fix the Top Mafia Bonuses. They claim nothing was changed but it seems like bullshit to me as they have been below 5% for about 10 months now [1]. Even at 2% this does up the ratio for the bronze job to 2.13 so it may be enough for many to still serial level. If it’s not enough for you then try the silver level and then gold. The gold level has the same ratios as the ruby so staying on gold if you can’t level on bronze or silver is the way to go. On the bronze run less than 1 million energy was spent to get 21 Launderides and on the ruby over 5 million was spent to get 23.

Bronze Level
Ruby Level
The Secret District is here for 15 days so you only need 34 Landerides per day to get the job done. To see how many you need and track your progress, use the Inventory Grouper 2 by Team Spockholm. Scroll to Secret District, click on ‘36’ and then scroll to the bottom. Click on the red X next to Launderides to see how many more you need to max out.


  1. I am starting the Ruby level and I only have 2 of these items.

  2. Just finished the Ruby level and only have 4


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