Aug 3, 2014

What About The Fight Club?


Earlier today I made a post about 4 features which could be removed from the game and nobody would care [1]. It was by no means meant to be an all inclusive list and I limited it to 4 obvious features that would have no impact on any of us if they magically disappeared. Some of you mentioned the Fight Club in the comments but there was one reason I left it out. If the Fight Club were to be removed the Fighter’s Energy Refill would go right along with it. You may recall at one point Zynga removed the Energy Refill that could be purchased with Victory Coins [1]. Shortly thereafter they added one back because there was so much outrage [1]. The Fight Club was introduced to the game a little over 4 years ago [1].  The last update was over 3 years ago  [1]. In September of 2011 during an episode of Mafia Wars Live, Jeff stated that the Fight Club would not be updated because there were too many Victory Coins in circulation. In December of 2012 Zynga did say they were planning on updating the Fight Club but that never happened [1]. Victory Coins don’t drop from fights in South Africa and Mexico but they do when robbing in these destinations. For now all we can do is wait and continue to accumulate Victory Coins that may or may not have a purpose. A review of what you can get in the Fight Club is shown below.

As stated above the only thing one would need to spend Victory Coins on is the Fighter’s Energy Refill. Each one costs 400 Victory Coins and can only be purchased once every 18 hours. I have over 3 million Victory Coins so without an update I’m set for live. vicotrycoins
The introduction of the Energy Tonic pretty much made the Fighter’s Energy Refill that costs 5 reward points obsolete [1].
Everything else in the Fight Club is giftable so even if you want the items you can get them without using Victory Coins.
Some players figured the boosts would be a good investment but you only get 5 per purchase. The introduction of the Power Attack and Mega Power Attack buttons cause any potential gains to be washed out. There are also much better boosts out there and you can only use one boost at a time so these are irrelevant.
The best loot items that can be purchased in the Fight Club have high attack stats 100 and high defense stats of 99. Mafia Wars has come a long way since this last update and like the boosts these items can be added to your wishlist.
And finally for the love of crap they really need to remove this ad in the Marketplace. The images below were taken today and the loot items on this banner are an Angel Arm with stats of 64/96 and a Slaying Moon with stats of 98/63! I don’t really care what they do to the Fight Club but removing this ad would make me a little happier about it.


  1. Well, in all fairness to those out there still playing according to the Terms of Service (no scripts 24-7) this feature should NEVER EVER be updated!!!! Unless they figure out a way so that all the script users who have gazillions of these coins don't get an unfair advantage... just another feature the using of scripts ruined... it's kinda funny - all the script users want these features updated, so they can spend their gazillion coins... but they won't get updated BECAUSE of the scripts,hehe... ironic? ;) hehe

    1. I think we shouldn't start a discussion about script users again, they are part of this game and without them NO ONE could play this game anymore... because 99% of the big $$$ users are using scripts.... so why should they keep a game alive without any income... ? Take a look on other Zynga Games why have they been closed ? Simple... they didn't brought enough cash... so why should they kill their own game ?

  2. the energy refill comes in useful but every thing else is pants

  3. I play regular but now I find over the last 3 days non of my scripts will load and when they do they dont work!! so I am going into the pool of many that will just give up playing mw because I dont have the patience or will to repeat clicking on my friends wall to find items that have already been taken what a chore. Thank you fb for breaking things again and thank you zy for not having a clue what your customer needs.

  4. Just like the "Coming Soon" mafia properties give it another 3 years and zy may get the thumb out and produce something worth purchasing.


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