Aug 4, 2014

VIP Bounty Season 8


The 8th season of the VIP Bounty is now available. These only last for 2 days and this one works just like the last seven. Earn 800 Mementos and get a Emerald Level Lumber Look and +17 skill points. The event disappears from the home page once you have mastered it. It’s silly that Zynga makes it disappear. Somewhere out there is a VIP subscriber sound asleep and running his Demon. When he awakes he will look at the images in this post (he won't bother to read it), check his game and become extremely pissed off that he doesn’t have the event. What he won’t know is that he already mastered the event but never got to see it.  The morale of this story is to check your inventory for the reward before running to Customer Support or cancelling your VIP Membership. For more information on how the VIP Bounty works, go here.



  1. Still not putting a gradient on these I see... probably never will either... probably fair enough in the world of scripts... why should someone who runs scripts 24-7 and has 300,000 stamina and 70,000 levels, which he earned while being out in the real world (as you stated), have a disadvantage to someone actually sitting and playing manually... but only has 5000 stamina and 3000 levels... and CAN'T finish this event... would it be SO horrible to make THIS vIP event on a gradient... so that ALL VIPs can finish it? I mean... this event is for those who PAY... so why should some be left out due to low level or different stat settings?

    Couldn't you try to make The Zyngaboys understand that?

  2. Quit play if you don't like it

  3. What an absolutely clever and constructive response - it's remarks like this that makes the world what it is... why all the hate and resentment towards others? Someone points out a valid problem... and all you can think of is being a moron... well done. I for one agree with the top post... no reaon why this shouldn't be for all... I know it won't be, due to the people running


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