Aug 3, 2014

4 Features That Could Be Removed from Mafia Wars


When it comes to features and events in the game Zynga doesn’t the ‘Less is More’ philosophy.  By removing a few features that are doing nothing but cluttering up the game. It would mean less work for them if bugs arise and less things for their  players to laugh about. A rule of thumb to follow should be if the feature is not updated anymore than it should be removed. Why congest the game with things that confuse players and are of no value?  A little less than 2 years ago we compiled a list of 101 Useless Features in Mafia Wars and if you review the list many of them have been updated, changed or removed [1]. Below are 4 features which are still there and really should be dealt with. This has been said many times but Zynga seems to be listening to us lately I figured it would be a good time to bring them up.

Trader Goh: This feature was much anticipated but was a big fail. It has been ignored from the day it was released 3 and a half years ago [1]. Zynga has only updated the loot only 2 times and the last update was in February of 2013 [1]. What fool would purchase an inactive loot item for 10 reward points not to mention all the footwork required!


Regular Operations: The Operations that drop from jobs are one of the biggest jokes in the game. The were useless before the addition of Event Operations and I don’t understand why they are still there. The last update to these Operations was over 3 years ago [1]. The best items anyone can get from doing these Operations have stats in the laughable range. If Zynga wants to keep them around then a simple loot update would do. Otherwise they should be removed. By now most of us have learned to keep all 6 of them in our Operation queue so we won’t be annoyed by the job interrupting popups. The biggest lie in the game can be found in the fine print underneath the instructions for Regular Operations which states that loot will be updated frequently.

Treasure Chest: The Gold Treasure Chest feature is one hot mess. When Zynga took away the ability for players to store Treasure Chests in their inventory or acquire new ones from jobs or gifting they created many problems for themselves. The only way to get them is to use the popup and that has been plagued with bugs and confusion. Many players don’t understand it’s a use or lose Treasure Chest and the ones who do and choose to use it often find it didn’t work or worse they ended up spending 9 reward points on something they never wanted [1]. The loot for this feature hasn’t been updated since October of 2012 and the odds of getting reward points has noticeably decreased [1]. They could update the loot, fix the bugs and try to better explain the feature but I think it would be much easier for them to simply remove it from the game.

Mini Bosses: Seriously what are these things even for [1]? Why would anyone find enjoyment out of attacking something that you can’t beat. If you can manage to ice one you don’t even get anything for it. If you ice one for your Daily Fix task you won’t even get credit [1]. They did come with a sweet gltich but Zynga fixed it pretty fast [1]. I’ve gotten stronger since Mini Bosses were introduced in September of 2012 but so have they! The top players in the game don’t have equipment scores over 1 million and these Mini Bosses at the least should have more realistic stats [1]. There is a lot Zynga could do with these guys but they chose to stay on the path of no resistance and probably all their players ignore them. If Nobody would care if they were totally removed.


  1. Indeed! I wondered why the mini bosses were even introduced when everyone I asked either ignored them; or like me tried, but couldn't beat them.

  2. MinimBosses are very difficult to fight as it needs to be removed. One other feature not mentioned is eliminating Limited Time Property but place each one in random cities (from New York to Mexico) as untimed in spite still receiving reward or so on every level as usual. That will alleviate some pressure of begging for couple weeks to give non VIP members as myself, plus members, more time to finish by focusing on other things in the game as mentioned about cluttering on too many events.


    1. really? you dont like the free energy refill? what else are you going to use those pointless victory coins for? come on now, lol

  4. Only 4? They could dump half the drivel they have come up with that last 3 years. -Lonnie

  5. What about the 'Fight Club' Though not totally useless due to the 'Fighters energy refills' That hasn't been updated for a very long time either. I suspect that if the loot were ever updated it would be priced according to the number of victory coins we all have saved in our inventory and cost an outrageous amount, sadly. I really wish they would update it, what a farce that turned out to be. As I said, it's not totally useless so perhaps shouldn't be included here in this list but I don't remember it being exposed on here; forgive me if I missed it as I don't come here as often as I used to but fear not, I'm still ever your loyal fan! Keep up the great work! Diamond Dan

  6. since your trying to get there attention on these things it would be also awesome if you could do a re-post on the top mafia bonuses <> energy 2 [2%] exp 2 [2%] if they could fix back the top mafia bonuses from doing jobs to how they where before ty

  7. I've always thought the mini-bosses were added in to take up space in the fight screens as Zynga lost players....

  8. I made a list of 101 a while back. This was not meant to go through all those again. I just chose 4 that would have no impact if they were removed. You all say the Fight Club but many use the Fighter's Energy Refill and you don't really think they would remove that feature entirely and leave that behind? That is why I left it out.

  9. very informative site. thanks for your effort.
    Please save the fight club - it helps me level up. must do serious planning to use it as it does not roll over extra energy - it is lost on the level

  10. Supply and demand is the issue with zy they cant come up with new ideas the way we play we level to quickly trying to be the best. Get real you will never be the best unless you spend tons of your hard earned cash even that wont get you to the top tear unless they are wet tears running down your face. Zy is a business losing money rapidly. It is time to renew the board and employ fresh ideas.

  11. Treasure chests:

    Worse is that I have a couple hundred chests, and keys never drop from secret drops and mystery bags.

    On the other hand, my brother's account has ZERO chests, but gets a couple of keys a week from secret drops or mystery bags.

    And, there's no way to trade in either direction....


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