Aug 3, 2014

More Free Reward Points Gifts?


Another player is reporting a gift of 5 Reward Points. Someone reported the one from 2 days ago as a Notification gift [1]. The one being reported today came from the App Center. The popups are different but the reward is the same. It can’t hurt to check both places to see if you have one. None of my accounts got anything. Use the links below to check. The Request-a-Nator will pick up gifts in the App Center and could save you some time. Thanks to Jason Payne for posting on our fan page.



  1. Thank you Zynga, for the 5RPs that popped up in my game yesterday. Thank you Jen for alerting me to the second gift in my App center. So far I am the only one in my Family who is reporting either gift.

  2. Sheesh ! My Notifications never go back more than 3 or 4 days.! You showed a screen shot of a very long list.

  3. To welcome you back, 5 RP have been added to your account.
    Wasn't i a lucky boy.

  4. I gotsa nothing!!!


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