Aug 2, 2014

Broken Requests Fixed


Zynga has fixed some of the requests that were broken in the game. When Districts 4 and 5 of Mexico were released we reported that the District Mastery and Boss Fight Defeat popups were erroneously changed and this in turn resulted in buttons that didn’t work [1]. A few weeks ago we also reported that the buttons for sharing Declare War rewards were broken [1]. All 3 of these issues have been fixed and you will now see District Mastery and War Reward requests in the news feeds. I doubt many were affected or even cared about these as all anyone was missing out on was the ability to brag, a handful of Pesos and some more useless Victory Coins. The positive in all this is that Zynga is fixing things in a more timely manner than we are used to.

When players master a district in Mexico they are able to share their achievement and those who click on their links can get some Pesos. The ability to make these requests was lost when Zynga changed the popup button to from 'Share Your Success' to 'Share and Continue'.

Originally, there wasn’t an option to share your victory in the Mexico Boss Fights. When it was added, nothing happened and it was just a button that didn’t do anything. It’s now reverted back to a ‘Continue’ button and it does what it’s supposed to do.

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