Aug 2, 2014

Updated Leveling Bonus Chart


The introduction of the Carne Shop in Mexico, the Daily Shuffle and Mystery Energy Gifts provide more options to level up when needed. Therefore our Leveling Bonus Chart was in need of an update. We can probably assume the next property in Mexico will offer stamina and when it’s released the chart will be updated again. More details about some of the bonuses are shown below the chart.

Energy/Stamina/ExperienceBonus DetailsTime Frame
Energy Pack125% Energy Refill1/8 Hours
Power Pack125% Stamina Refill1/8 Hours
Family Progression Bronze Level12.5% Experience of Level4/24 Hours
Family Progression Silver Level62.5% Experience of Level4/24 Hours
Family Progression Gold Level125% Experience of Level 4/24 Hours
Brazil Refinery*20% Energy Refill1/8 Hours
Brazil Barracks*20% Stamina Refill1/8 Hours
London Underground Station*1000 Energy 1/8 Hours
London Royal Bank*1000 Stamina 1/8 Hours
South Africa Fabriek*10% Energy Refill1/12 Hours
South Africa Wildlife Agentskap*10% Stamina Refill1/8 Hours
Mexico Carne Shop*10% Energy Refill1/12 Hours
Fighter’s Energy Refill100% Energy Refill1/18 Hours
Blue Mystery Bag30% Stamina Refill 1/24 Hours
Red Mystery Bag25% Energy Refill1/24 Hours
Mystery Energy Gift**0.5-1.0% Energy Refill50/24 Hours
Daily Take10% Energy Refill 5/24 Hours
Daily ShuffleChance for 10% & 25% Energy Refills6/24 Hours
Email BonusChance for 100% Stamina Refill1/24 Hours
Toolbar Bonus***25% Energy Refill/200E/200S1/8 Hours
Mercenary Bonus50 Free Fights in BRL,CHI,LDN,SA & MX5/8 Hours
Job Help Requests 25XP/Destination1/24 Hours
Job Energy Boosts****Decrease Job Energy CostsUnlimited
Passive XP*****See Formula Below24 Hours
Hitlist Riding******50 XP Per RideUnlimited
Fighter’s Energy Refill-5RPs100% Energy Refill1/18 Hours
Vengeance Boost-3RPs10% Stamina RefillUnlimited
Energy Tonic-3RPs25% Energy RefillUnlimited
Stamina Shot-3RPs25% Stamina RefillUnlimited

*The property collection bonuses are a little more complicated than what is presented at face value. Brazil, London, South Africa and Mexico have mastery items which increase the percentage of each energy and stamina collection so if you own these items you will see additional energy and/or stamina. Each level has a different percentage and only the ruby levels are shown below.

Brazil District 7: +15% Payout
London District 3: +14% Payout
South Africa District 4: +15% Payout
Mexico District 4: +15% Payout
The Taskmaster Bonus also applies to these bonuses and will double the payout on the next property collection. Depending on how you collect will determine whether or not you get this bonus. The Taskmaster is in addition to the mastery item bonus but is not stacked. For example if you collect from your Brazil Refinery and you own the ruby level Machete Dance Prop you will get 20% of your total energy pool plus the 15% whatever that bonus is and not 35% of your energy pool.  The Taskmaster is applied to the total payout. If you collect from all of your Brazil properties at the same time, you will get double the take for all of them. If you collect from an individual property the bonus will only apply to the first one you collect from once the Taskmaster is activated. If you activate the Taskmaster bonus and then collect from your Refinery you will get the bonus but if you collect from the Barracks an hour later it will not apply. Each destination is treated individually so what you do in one destination will not affect the others.
**Mystery Energy Gifts were introduced to the game with the Energy Rush Event. They were made permanent and on June 23, 2014 the number you could collect each day was increased to 100 from 50 [1]. It was stated that this was for a limited time so I kept the number 50 on the chart. At this time you can still collect 100.
***Zynga retired the Mafia Wars Toolbar in April of 2013  [1]. Workarounds no longer work for many players. I believe the Mafia Wars Toolbar has a shelf life and once it expires your Toolbar Bonus will stop working. Many have had success using the Mini Pack Link on the Spockholm Toolbar Checklist. Some have had success with using the 2 click link method. Click the 1st link and wait for it to load then click the 2nd link.
****A great way to get free experience is to use energy boosts. The easiest way to get these in bulk is to vault Horse Collections. One trick you can do is revault this collection to earn Inside Tips. Inside Tips are energy boosts which subtract -16 energy from what ever job you decide to do. If you do a job that requires 16 or less energy, you can get free experience. More details on this method can be found here.
*****Passive Experience is no longer unlimited. In June of last year it was removed entirely from the game [1]. It was then added back but put on a cap of 25,000 XP every 5 minutes[1]. This didn’t satisfy many players and resulted in boycotts and Zynga responded by further reducing it to what we see today [1]. The formula for passive experience is shown below. This applies to all forms of passive experience which include random or targeted hits from other mafia members, kami account attacks as well as riding the Hit List.
First 25 Level Ups of each day: 25,000 XP every 5 minutes
26th+ Level Ups: Your Level X .325 = Passive Experience every 5 minutes

******Hitlist riding is no longer an effective way to earn experience. The changes in passive experience plus the fact that the Hit List is rarely used anymore makes it not very effective so it was removed. If you place yourself on the Hitlist and can last long enough you will gain +50 experience but lose -6 when you are snuffed. The result is +44 experience per ride. Very strong players who can avoid being snuffed will earn +50 XP but they can only ride the hitlist once every 2 hours. Those who get snuffed after gaining the +50 can ride again and again. The main issue is that hardly anyone attacks from the hitlist anymore and it’s usually dead. When players are on it they usually last a long time because nobody is attacking them.


  1. why are there in family progression much more than I can really receive, as I noticed it´s only 12,5% max not 125 %.

    1. When you collect on the Gold Level it's a bonus of 125% of your level. My level is 49,604 and my exp bonus is 62,004. The only exception is if you above Level 130,000 you get 0. On the Bronze level you get 12.5%. If something is different for you than it could be a bug. Maybe it's a display error showing the bronze payout instead of the gold.


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