Aug 13, 2014

Vgttt Family Community Ice Contest: No Ices Required!


The Vgttt Family is holding a Ice Contest that is much different that what you would expect. This is a guessing contest so you don’t even need to get any ices. Although there was an extra day added to the current Family Ice Event records have already been broken. The Vgttt and Sadist Mafia families have both surpassed the previous record which was 16,881,737 ices. The Vgttt Family wants you to guess what the their final ice count will be (Hint:guess higher than 22,381,782). To enter, use the link below at least 8 hours before the event expires at the end of today (12AM PDT). The winner will get to join the Family, collect the top reward and get 2 weeks to prove they have what it takes to stay.




  1. your clan will be empty

  2. How is it possible to get that many ices?! I imagine via that Arena, but even then....? I wish Zynga would break out fight list Ices vs Arena on the player profile page as well as events like this, I imagine leaderboard would be different then.


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