Aug 13, 2014

Mock War Loot Item: The Tickler


UPDATE: Registration is now closed.

Five days ago we told you about the upcoming Zynga sponsored Mock War for The OMERTA V Family called Dare to Tease, Bare to Please [1]. Today Zynga announced it on their fan page and blog [1], [2]. The loot item that all participants will receive is called the Tickler and has stats of 309/243. Ten participants will also get 10 reward points. What Zynga doesn’t tell you in their announcements is that there are other sponsors who will also be giving away prizes. The other co-sponsors of this event include Spockholm Mafia Tools, ZULU-one-NINE Graffix, Lauretya Kami Service, MW Lists, Mafia Demon and Spockholm Mafia Tools. For those who are scared to use scripts, bucket lists and other 3rd party services this should let you know that Zynga has no issues with them. You can register as a family or an individual and there is still time to do so (use the link below). The events starts this week-end and will be a lot of fun. Thanks to Jill Brayer, the OMERTA V Family and their sponsors for putting in all the work required to run one of these.


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  1. This is my first time in trying one of these mock war things and I don't really know how to fill out the form, nor do I know how to even participate. It would be nice to have that information for those of us finally having the courage to try one of these things out. :)


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