Aug 13, 2014

Crate Carnival 16: Jawesome


With every other set of new Crates usually comes a new Crate Carnival ‘Event’. They added the loot for the one that should have went with the Confectionary Crate release but we never saw it…until now. At the time of the addition to the inventory the on July 22, the Jawesome had stats of 244/346 [1]. Zynga waited to long to release it so the stats needed to be updated and now they are 248/349. Purchases on loot are one of the more frivolous ways to spend reward points. If you are interested in how this event works, go here for detailed information. If you want the Jawesome and the +30 skill points that come with it plan on spending about 300-400 reward points. Keep in mind that +30 skill points has an actual value of 30 reward points!


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