Aug 15, 2014

Family Boss Fight Progress Bug


In Mafia War one thing you can count on is that with new features come new bugs. The Family Boss Fight: Payback is no exception to the rule. Some families have reported a pretty nasty bug and since this is only the 2nd day I suspect more will be reporting it soon. The families who have defeated Silverio Fallaci (Boss #1) and waited out the 24 hour cooldown timer should be now fighting Daniella Deuce (Boss #2). For some this didn’t happen and they got Silverio again. After getting several inquires about this I thought maybe I missed something. I carefully read the FAQ and it clearly states that after the bosses 1-4 can only be fought once. Obviously this is a bug. My family used reward points to speed up the timer and didn’t encounter this issue so it’s hard to say if it’s wide spread or not. I’m sure we will find out soon. For the affected families we recommend that you contact Customer Support if you want to move on (some may prefer to keep fighting an easier boss as the rewards are the same). If there is nobody in the family with support access then you will just have to wait for Zynga to fix this.


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  1. We didn't pay to reset and still got the next in line :)


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