Aug 16, 2014

2X Family Experience: 08/16-08/17


As announced earlier on the Mafia Wars fan page, 2X Family XP ‘Happy Hours’ are now in effect [1]. The bonuses are shown in game on the Family Progression Module and any bonuses from The Mansion are also doubled. There is also a 2X icon on the module and Mission bar. Players in families with a Level 5 Mansion are able to collect up 6,000 Family Experience points per day instead of 3,000 for today and tomorrow only. If you family is at 100% on any category then you won't earn any experience for that category. 2X 0 is still 0.

Earn 2x Family XP from Aug 16 00:00 PDT (GMT- 7) to Aug 17 23:59 PDT(GMT -7) from the Family XP Progress objectives.



  1. I just checked the metrics and there has been a fairly large drop is monthly active users over the last month. It's still up around 650,000, however. I question that number. It seems almost *everyone* in my family has quit playing mafia wars. I know another person in another family who says the same thing. How is it that the MAU is still so high? Are those all bot accounts?

    Anyway, family progression is completely irrelevant at this point. We are currently at level 7 and might make level 8 in about a year. We will *never* progress past that, unless this game is around for another 5 years or so.....

  2. That's not really fair. My family works on our mansion parts daily and are on level 4. We don't have a big family. Why shouldn't all families get the same bonus?

  3. They put up the 2X for the weekend, but they didn't advertise Daniela's deal today! I almost forgot if I didn't go to the Marketplace.

    1. Could be this is your last collection. The final one doesn't show.


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