Aug 16, 2014

Zynga Capitalizes on Mock War Item


Last month Zynga hosted a Mock War for the ΨL¥CAήSΨ Family and all participants got a Head Shot for free [1]. They are currently sponsoring another Mock War for the OMERTA V Family and participants will get a Tickler when it ends [1]. Initially it was assumed that Zynga was trying to do something nice for the fighter community but the real reason is now revealed in the Marketplace. For a limited time players can purchase the Head Shot for 40 reward points each. The stats of this item are less than the stats of the loot items that cost 35 reward points so obviously Zynga is hoping that members of the family will want to max on the item and spend a couple thousand dollars to make that happen. If they make some money on this then expect many more mock wars in the future. With average equipment scores well over 600,000, 1 loot item is not going to make a difference. 501 will but at a cost of over 20,000 reward points there may not be many takers. Since strategy dictates not to waste reward points on loot they could sell more if the items had special meaning to the players. It’s kind of shady to take advantage of sentiment and jack up the cost for these items.


1 comment:

  1. Zynga would never do anything 'shady'. They give us this game for free! Nobody has to pay.


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