Aug 20, 2014

Daniela’s Deal 3


On Saturday we told you it was the final collection for the 2nd round of Daniela’s Deal (if you purchased it in the week it was initially offered) [1]. Zynga didn’t waste any time and now you can purchase it again if you’d like. Only those players who feel like gambling on the fact Mafia Wars will last another year should proceed. This offer is only a good deal if you collect every week for 52 weeks. In the event of a shutdown Zynga will be the ones who got the deal. Nothing has changed and this one works like the previous 2. Spend 260 reward points today, collect 10 every week and end up with a total of 520 reward points in 52 weeks. You also get the ‘opportunity’ to purchase loot items at a discounted rate but Zynga forgot to list the prices.



  1. If mafia wars did really shut down, then all the reward points would go to waste anyway... so you might as well take a gamble.

    1. that is the way I think of it too


  2. I'm somewhat surprised mafia wars is still around, actually. Are the whales really that big that this is still profitable? Are there really that many subscribers to VIP? Mafia Wars seems to be the game that just won't die... numbers are still falling, though. It's only a matter of time....


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