Aug 20, 2014

Mo Hawk/Mohawk Display Error


The Mohawk was a VIP Flash Deal item offered in over a year ago [1]. At the time it looked like the last 2 images. It now looks like the 2nd and 5th images. for a short time you could still view the old image on the Operations reward popups. Rather than fix the issue, Zynga removed the old image entirely from the game. These type of display images often creep up when Zynga names a new loot item the same as an old loot item. The Mo Hawk and the Mohawk may be seem different because of the space but image urls have no spaces and are therefore identical. Zynga should really learn to use the Inventory Grouper (or their own inventory search feature) to make sure these errors don’t happen. Thanks to Adam Churchill, Tarasconnais Bouches Du Rhône and Lloyd Daub for posting on our fan page.



  1. Getting a lot of "Too late, all claimed" messages even for reward posts that are posted specifically to me... and the ones I post to specific people also get the same messages (not every time but still a lot) Anybody else experiencing this? Losing a lot of reward loot this way... seems weird they would be "All claimed" when the person to whom they were posted haven't collected on them... :/

  2. Everybody can collect from those posts and i think some posts also never really work, but then again, there are alot of bots out there clicking these links way way faster then you can click the post, so its almost pointless to post these rewards posts.
    I have gotten loot out of some of them, but its maybe 1 in 100 posts or even less also, better to just save the hassle posting if you ask me, the loot stats arent that impressive either when the superior loot dont give you any stats, but the uncommon does.
    So best thing would be to just do lots of ops instead of posting reward posts.

  3. It took 3 people to post this on the fan page? :)

    1. By the time I read it, 3 had posted so I just thanked them all. Zynga actually fixed it in the time between the fan page posts and my posts. Well they didn't fix it, they just covered it up.


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