Aug 20, 2014

Craftmania 7


The 7th version of the Craftmania Event starts out with a pretty obvious nerf. Normally these events last for 15 days but this one is only 9. It’s not going to be easy for players to upgrade and then build 5 of each item. The shorter timer should have came with reduced requirements but that’s not how Zynga rolls. The ask timer is also 8 hours instead of 2 like we saw with the Oil Rig [1]. Once you have fully upgraded each property and crafted the Level 15 items 5 times, you will earn a Fairy Legislator  which has stats of 229/341. The Property Link (ID#s 46, 47, and 48) or the Link-a-Nator 2 Spocklets will help with all the begging required for this event. The 3 properties are the Printing Press, Stock Market and the Amusement Park.


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