Aug 9, 2014

Cloning Glitch Throwbacks


Gifting as we knew it 4 years ago was forever changed because of cloning scripts [1]. Zynga couldn’t fix the issue at hand so as we’ve seen them do so many times they changed to rules of the game. Despite the changes cloning lived on but it wasn’t as useful. About a year ago Guess X exposed the secrets by making a cloning script public and we shared it on this blog [1]. Zynga eventually patched cloning in this manner but there are still rumors it lives on. During the time a working script was available to the masses a lot of fun was had and were everywhere. A player asked how I had gotten so many 2X Loot Boosts when I showed a image of my Secret District tracker and the cloning script would be how. If anyone thinks Mafia Wars was ever or will ever be on an even playing field they are sadly mistaken. There have been many glitches and many scripts exploiting poor coding (and there probably will be more). Many such as the cloning glitch, the unlimited level up glitch and the Las Vegas Tournament glitch were never rolled back. Alex, aka The Mafia Wars Cheat and creator of UnlockedMW wrote a nice post on the history of some previous glitches [1]. Could this be why the game shifted away from strength and moved to leveling? Account building is one of the few popular activities that Zynga hasn't messed with and players can build accounts in a week that can do more than many of the accounts which took the average everyday player years to grow.



  1. When you mentioned 'a player', by any chance were you talking about the anonymous comment I left asking about the x2 loots?

  2. O, please spare us your generosity of glitches. The only time you ever mention a glitch is when it no longer works. If a person is not in your so called 'inner circle', we would never get any information until it is too late.

    1. Like I've always said if a source tells me about a glitch and asks me not to post about it I have no choice but to honor the request or I would never get information. It's better that I know because when I don't I investigate via blog posts and the glitch gets fixed anyway. If it's posted on any public page than I post it here. If it works and I post it here it gets fixed so not sure what the solution is. Piss off the players who are using it or piss off the ones who aren't. It's a no win situation. Sorry but that's my policy. I suggest you make more friends or join a family and learn about glitches like everyone else (including me). I certainly don't go looking for them.


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