Aug 9, 2014

News Feed Issue Workaround Link


Many players have had, are having and/or will have issues with the Facebook news feeds. For gamers this isn’t something we can wait out. Strategies rely on working news feeds and Zynga seems to think Facebook always works perfectly. If they thought otherwise or experienced what we do they would stop forcing us to spam the news feeds by constantly pushing out timed events. When you can’t load the news feeds for whatever reason, use the link below to get an alternate working view. Don’t be turned off by the very large request images (designed for mobile use) as something that works is better than something that doesn’t! Credit goes to Mono Lith for discovering the link and to Pam Williams for sharing it in the Script|Mod room.



  1. I tried the link, but all I got was pictures, videos and other stuff non mw. I've been so fed up with FBs news feed I started trying out extensions for Chrome. Tried one called FB Purity, which is an off-putting name, but does a powerful good for my news feed. I've got Nothing but MW on my feed again, which makes me happy, happy, happy. Doesn't seem to interfere with MOD/Addon or Spock's stuff.

  2. Same thing here.

  3. Or this one, although it picks up all game feeds.

  4. Not sure if my first comment went through so posting it again. This one works as well as the last one I posted.

  5. I tried it, got no MW feed whatsoever. I do however, now know that at some store, the cashier had a pharmacy tech nametag on.....and the triumphant purchase of some new cleaning products. Killing myself in 5....4....3....2....

  6. First my newsfeed stops loading and now when I try to go to MW i get this:
    Sorry, something went wrong.
    We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.
    In my case I'm not so much quitting MW as getting fired lol ...well I think it's for the best bb mw...

    1. fb better stay free as I would never pay $ for a site where their is absolutely no email...nada. fu fb....


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