Aug 10, 2014

The Assasinator


In December of 2011 Zynga introduced Collectable Stat Cards to the game [1]. Back then more thought was put into this feature and the card images featured cut out scenes from job images and bosses. This lasted for 6 sets then they got lazy and started using loot images. The second card in Series V is the Assassinator. This was a Daily Take items from the 4th generation and Team Spockholm and the Assassin-a-Nator Family loved it [1]. Yesterday we got to visit the Isle Of Wright and today we present to you the ‘Assasinator’! They got it right in the inventory and Daily Take popup but they failed (2 times!) with the Collectable Stat Card. Whoever is in charge of the Copy/Paste Department needs to have a sit down with their team! Thanks to Monika for sharing this funny with us.


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