Aug 27, 2014

Cartel Clash Final Results


The Cartel Clash is finally over and the Russian Alliance was declared the winner. Win or lose the rewards for this event were worth the effort. The beauty of it all is that not much effort beyond 1-500 ices a day was required. If you read our analysis below hopefully the next one won’t be so stressful. I’m 100% convinced it doesn’t matter which side you join or how hard you fight, the score will be close. The take home message is to pick a side (human nature dictates the first option will be the most popular), don’t switch and let the cards fall where they may. 

Day 5 was interesting to say the least and it clearly created more believers of the theory that Zynga rigged this event. The final outcome wouldn’t matter to them but keeping the scores close would. No matter what side you were on it seemed that the ice counts ran in parallel with minor ebbs and flows. The graph below is all 24 hours of day 5 (thanks to Martin from Team Spockholm for the awesome image). It was if the 2 sides had a mind of their own and the action of one side dictated the actions of the other. If the majority of players weren't using scripts and watching things as they happened then the numbers would be more believable. Since we got to choose sides and switch you would expect one side to dominate. It may have been more real if Zynga assigned each player to a side and divided the playing field in half. This is pretty much what we dealt with for all 5 days.
Here are the total numbers for each day of the event.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Russians 24.68M 34.59M 35.60M 34.74 37.27M
Diablos 23.07M 33.70M 38.55M 35.07M 36.16M
Total 47.75M 68.26M 74.15M 69.81M 73.43
Difference 1.61M 890K 2.95M 300K 1.11M
Players 143,872 140,80 136,895 139,729 142,141
Ices.Player 332 485 542 499 517

Jeffery Mueller said it best on our fan page [1]. Zynga, the 3rd Cartel, did come out the winner with this event.


  1. Never a doubt that the Russians were winning Day 5! Loot item gave it away: Ru Love :D :D :D

  2. as always it's a shame that they pulled it as soon as the timer expired. I never got a pop up to see the final results. don't know what I got :(

  3. I almost switched from the Russians to Diablo, but then I remembered the George Costanza/Taxi Driver episode from Seinfeld and stayed with the Russians. Thank you Seinfield! --jeff

  4. How do you know how many players participated daily? I think it is way less with some doing a lot of ices, some doing little ices, and others in between

  5. I wonder if some of those critics from the first day realize this wasn't about liking Russia. smh

  6. Enjoy reading this type of post. Interesting that the day with the highest total ices is also the day with the lower number of daily players. Thanks.

  7. who all take it to serious, like its your life, its a game and when all the power houses get to gether to stack a takes the fun out of it,,,,by the way, you money playing, acct buying players all most lost to the average joe....spend some more money for the next one ..cause i wont. just my opinion.


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