Aug 26, 2014

'Special Event' Mystery Items


5 groups of 5 items with the same image but different stats have been added to the inventory. There are no mastery indicators on these items so it’s hard to tell what they could be for. Either Zynga forgot to add them, is intentionally hiding them or we may see something new. Most crafting events have 3 levels of mastery (Richie’s Stash, Buzz Craft, Lucky Break). VIP Bounty events have 5 levels of mastery. What's unique about these items is the stats flip flop and aren't ordered. Perhaps these are just for another Marketplace gimmick like the Stat Wise and there is no need to be excited. Had I thought of that earlier I wouldn't have bothered to take a screen shot of each one. Since I did, the 25 items are shown in detail below.

Bloody Knuckle
Smooth Swag
Andean Mountain Cat


  1. I have to say I am a new player to Zynga Games an find it extremely annoying how slow it loads and when you click on things it takes for ever to react even this page by mwll that I was advised to use takes far to long to load and settle. Why would people take the time out of their lives to use this?? last transmission from me sorry. Going to enjoy the life I have.

  2. Collecting items for Mafia att/deff is futile as they eventualy expire. If Zy want to keep players interested they need to offer Reward Points, Skill Points in more ways than just VIP and properties. We all love collecting skill points and reward points ZY need to build on that fact fancy pictures with animals, armour, vehicles etc is crap. Points make prizes not pictures? ZY could make a load if they understand what ppl want but the way they are going mw will flop good style.


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