Aug 27, 2014

Mafia Wars Icon Update


Once again Zynga updated the Mafia Wars icon. I’m not sure why they do this and it’s very annoying. As soon as you get used to the new one…BAM…they change it. This time it’s a gold M with a maroon background and replaces the Mexico flag icon [1]. I still like the original one the best. This is the 5th icon in Mafia Wars history and we always ask why? I would think the developers have better things to focus on! Thanks to everyone who posted about this on our fan page.



  1. HATE IT! Looks too much like the Words with Friends icon. I keep opening the wrong one. must be upside down dyslexic :P

  2. I like it, I tend to use my laptop in low light and the new icon is more eye catching on my bookmarks toolbar on chrome and on my bookmarks menu on waterfox. Apart from that one advantage over previous icons, I can't see the point in going to all that effort giving us a new icon when their time would have been better spent giving us a nice new SA district with a nice new SA property similar to the Lo0ndon Nightclub where we can use surplus Rands to buy loot items that carry skills with them !!

  3. The original one by far best fits with the colors in mafia wars, bring it back!!!

  4. looks more like a mcdonalds sign

  5. LOL... this gets a separate post?? THIS??? An icon??? Why not... I'm not sure who "we" are in this post... but I couldn't care less if the icon is pink, blue, green, red, checkered, see-through or rainbow coloured... and I haven't heard a single person even mentioning it... ;)

    But I hope Zynga changes it back then... so "we" can be happy again ;) Serioulsy... what does it matter?? If it bothers you this much... just don't look at it, lol... Iand could think of at LEAST 5 REAL problems in this game that NEVER get any attention on here... and I wonder why... ;) Talk about better things to focus on ;)

  6. seriously if this wind anyone up you've got issues!;-)


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