Jun 4, 2014

Slaughter Season: 06


Slaughter Season: 06 is now available. If it seems like we just had one of these it’s because we did! I guess the Ice Seasons are gone. Slaughter Seasons require about twice as many ices so it isn’t a surprise as to which one Zynga prefers. Although you can get multiple Pennants by icing medium or hard targets on the fightlist, you will spend more resources to make that happen. The fastest and least stamina requiring way to get ices is in the Arena. Arena ices are a flat rate of 1 to 500 and you get 1 Pennant for every 2 ices. Earn 2,000 Pennants to Diamond master the event. For more details on strategy and the rewards, go here and read the post for the last event.


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