Jun 4, 2014

Family Ice Event 11 Results


The 11th Family Ice Event has expired and the Top 4 families are shown below. The Top 10 Families will earn loot and/or skill points but we won’t know who they are because Zynga doesn’t provide an adequate leaderboard. There were some records broken this season and the Sadist Mafia Family passed the 16 million ices! The Assassin-a-Nators and the Vgttt Families flip flopped between 2nd and 3rd place and it was a battle to the end. Congratulations to all the winners!

One of the new level up loot items is the Sadist and we can’t help but wonder if Zynga named it after the family who has held the #1 spot for the past 5 seasons.
Here is a comparison of all 11 Family Ice Events. Icing has really evolved as nobody broke 1 million ices until the 3rd season. The Arena has been the cause of the super high ice count.
If the rewards follow the same structure of last season then they will be shown as below. If they revert back to the original structure the skill points remain the same but only the top 3 spots will award a loot item.

Rank Rewards
#1 +20 Skill Points/Gold Blaze Guard
#2 +15 Skill Points/Silver Blaze Guard
#3+10 Skill Points/Bronze Blaze Guard
#4+10 Skill Points/Bronze Blaze Guard
#5+10 Skill Points/Bronze Blaze Guard
#6+5 Skill Points
#7+5 Skill Points
#8+5 Skill Points
#9+5 Skill Points
#10+5 Skill Points

Zynga did add another reward for families who earned 200,000 ices by the end of May 31st. This item has higher stats on the attack end then the 1st place item and it shows they are trying to get more rewards in play. For smaller families this is no consolation and it would be better if there were leaderboards based on size. More families would get to feel the competitive side of this event and overall more players could enjoy it. At the time of this post the items have yet to be rewarded.


  1. My family topped 100,000 by the end, but that was not enough to get us anything beyond the reward for 25,000.

  2. Just goes to show you what all the ill-gotten Kamikaze and Arena Stamina Refills will do for you that Zynga never removed for all those who abused the previous glitch. But then I'm sure your family has NO idea what I'm talking about. LOL


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