Jun 4, 2014

2X Property Build: 06/04/2014


There will be a 45 minute 2X Property Build opportunity at 9:30AM PDT today. UPDATE: Another one will be available at 6PM PDT.



  1. Great I won't be available at that time... why can't zynga make these later during the day

    1. Your not the only person in the world (face palm) its 530pm my time.
      Incase you so lost they do it again in a few hours and there are scripts to do it for you when away......also use team viewer to control your computer when away.

    2. I would be really nice if they would leave these things for 24 hours then everyone all over the world regardless of time zone would have a shot. I seem to catch one out of 5 or so. The tools do help those who aren't online but it's kind of fun to watch and it's better to be present to control things.


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