Jun 3, 2014

Mexico Banking Part Issue


We thought it was really cool that the timer to ask for Mexico Bank parts was 18 hours instead of the 24 hours we saw with the South Africa Bank [1]. It makes more sense that the timer on this property match the timer for the other properties in Mexico. Although the timer is only 18 hours, you can’t get any new parts until 24 has passed. Many players have noticed that when they post their bank part requests that they don’t get any new parts and those who click on a fresh one are told that you have reached your limit. This happens when you ask between the 18 and 24 hour mark. The generated requests don’t become active until a full 24 hours has passed. The posts will work once the time limit has passed but they will be old and not in circulation. To bypass this issue, don’t ask for new parts until 24 hours has passed or copy/paste your link to get it back into the news feeds once it becomes active. If you don’t do one of these two things then you may find you didn’t get any parts for the day. With only 4 available per day that can be a hard pill to swallow. Zynga needs to either make the timer 24 hours or fix the issue so we don’t waste our begging opportunities. Thanks to everyone who has brought this issue to my attention.



  1. does anyone really believe that Zyngna really cares? Typical lack of thinking stuff thru.

  2. To be more exact, you can collect 4 parts in every 24 hours, and this 24 hours starts at 9:00 CET or 00:00 zynga time.


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