Jun 3, 2014

Mafia Wars on Zynga.com


Although Mafia Wars is not available to play on zynga.com, it is mentioned and has it’s own page. The ‘Game Highlights’ have a few exaggerations and somehow they manage to make begging for property parts seem like something good! With all the problems players have with Facebook, I don’t know why Mafia Wars isn’t available to play on this site. A second platform as a backup for those who lose their accounts to Facebook bullshit would be appealing. I don’t know why Zynga continues to state that there are millions of daily players when there aren’t even 1 million monthly players. The Daily Player base consists of 169,673 according to the app metrics submitted by Facebook [1]. The monthly player base is a dismal 815,111. They also fail to mention that of all those properties you can amass, only 6 of them can be utilized each day [1].

mafiawars1 mafiawars2mafiawars3


  1. Is there any way that they can be reported for false/misleading advertising?

    1. Wow!! I didn't realize how bad the numbers were getting for this game. I enjoyed this game for many years and appreciated all the hard work The Loot Lady has put into this site and helping all of us. But if you factor in people with multiple accounts it doesn't look too good...

  2. I would think the main reason Zynga is inflating the numbers is so they will continue to generate revenue. The numbers speak for themselves so why not lie and get a few more dollars before they shut down the game for good? I just hope all the players that continue to spend money on this game know the end result.


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