Jun 1, 2014

Fan Page Change is Coming


It’s just like Facebook to change all fan page format, wait until everyone gets used to it and then change it again! The layout for fan pages is going to change and everything is pretty much the same but the location of everything is moved around. Questions and information posted by fans will be change from the right side of the page to the left and  side of the pinned links post will change from the left side of the page to the right. We could update it now but I know how much people hate change and will wait until June 12th when Facebook forces it upon everyone.


  1. thank "god" for social reviver

  2. change for the sake of change, I guess....not happy at all with FB at the moment...I have too many friends that are in FB jail to comment or send messages
    Kathie E

  3. and they are doing this why? Because they can and it is absolutely useless. Is there a point to this change? FB and Zynga should get married, they are both doing stupid things.


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