Jun 2, 2014

VIP Weekly Update: 06/02/14


This weeks VIP loot items are 1 Fearporter (all tiers) and 1 Metal Sculptor (ruby+ tiers). In addition to the loot, VIP subscribers also get +6 skill points and 50 reward points.

vip11vip12The Emerald Edge this week is stamina points. You can buy 50 for 50 reward points if you’ve reached the Emerald tier of benefits.
vip13The VIP Flash Deal item is the Snub-Nose. Get 2 if you purchase a 50 Skill Point Reallocation.
vip14vip15The Harbinger of Havoc now has stats of 455/455.
vip16The Harbinger of Destruction now has stats of 505/505.
vip17The Harbinger of Retribution now has stats of 565/565.

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